Morgan's Baptism

08 . 09 . 13

This is Morgan Elizabeth Rupp. She is the greatest friend ever, an amazing photographer, and now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! She's an inspiration to me and I hope her story will be an inspiration to you too...

When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. In God, I praise His word. In God, I put my trust. I will not be afraid. What can flesh do to me?
Psalm 56:3-4

"I'm not gonna say death do I part when I get married, that boy is stuck with me forever" Now, when I said this, who knew it'd actually be true?! Emily and I photographed a wedding at a mormon temple and of course I asked a gazillion questions about the temple and what it meant because I couldn't go inside and see what it was all about. Emily explained SO much in so little time, but one that stuck is when you're sealed in the temple, you're sealed FOREVER! And I was like oh my gosh! I love that soooo much!! Because yeah no doubt they're gonna be stuck with me forever! That's when I received my first Book of Mormon! 

One night it just hit me that I had to start a service project! So I pick up my phone and dial Emily's number! She said perfect lets talk to the missionaries because they do this on a daily basis! And that my friends, is where it all began... 

Meeting the missionaries for the first time kinda caught me off guard. I felt that what they taught me I already knew, but when they taught me new things that I was supposed to know, that's when it hit me. They taught me the Plan of Happiness. It was even in the bible, how did I not know this? I study the bible!
Preoccupied, I was headed off to Guatemala for a mission trip! The day I got back, I received a text from the missionaries asking when we could meet again, hesitant but still willing, we met again. 

Going into the meeting I had some intense questions up my sleeve, but Annie, Nick, and the missionaries were not willing to back down. And I left with an open heart to pray if this church was true. 

Emily and I hung out all day, and as I left her house that night, she called me a Mormon, and I said hey not yet, and she said PRAY ABOUT IT!!!!! So.....

I went home, opened my bible, opened the Book of Mormon, and took a deep breath. I said "Lord, open my heart to know what is true. Lead me to where you want me. Is this book really from you? Is any of this from you? Or is this satan getting at me? Show me Lord, show me! I poured my feelings out to Heavenly Father and he quietly listened. 

Not too long the next day, the missionaries texted saying HEEEY HOW ARE YOU! Just randomly. Craziness. Then I told Emily the missionaries had texted me that day and she said "wait did you pray last night?!?" And my jaw dropped. I started bawling, and that my friends, was the first time I felt the spirit. I grabbed my Book of Mormon and bible and started praying like crazy, and when you receive THAT feeling, can you say WOAAAAH. It was overwhelming but yet I never wanted it to leave! Of course I told the missionaries this and the next meeting we had they had a baptism date set! August 9th 2013. 
I prayed about it and prayed and I felt the spirit SOOOO strong once again, and you can't ignore that, that's God answering your prayer, and that is one awesome feeling! 
The missionaries were jumping and doing that silly snapping thing they always do, and spreading the news like wild fire. The joy in the room was unforgettable! 

So I had a date set, I was pumped, everyone was for that matter, I attended a baptism, I was ready to go! But satan was prepared to give me many trials. 

The week before, it felt like Friday would never come! Satan hit me from friends, family and self doubts. He also sent my very best friend on a mini mission where I had limited talking time to her. My family knocked me down hard without supporting me. And they hit me hard with harsh words and pain I thought would never end. But then that's when I was blessed with my sweet girl Aleigh! 

Aleigh, has an amazing testimony, story and love to strive to be like Christ. I was given her number and when I had no more strength I managed to make one last call, and that call saved me. I'd never met anyone who instantly made me calm, and made me know that everything was going to be okay! She never stopped encouraging me and telling me what I was doing was right. One night I broke down, satan was kicking me down and Aleigh told me to read her story and her testimony. I felt the spirit so strong. I know that this had to be true. That this was it. This girl just saved me. 

I was in Satan's line of fire but I had the armor of Christ and I was not backing down. That was that!!!!!!!

My nerves built up as the font was filling up. I sat on the stairs as I felt the water, and started praying. I felt the spirit was sitting right next to me telling me I was making the best decision of my life. And I was overwhelmed with joy. 

7 o'clock came around and I had my white jump suit on! I knew my family probably wouldn't show, but was hoping for the best, that at least some people would!!! Slowly more and more and more people showed. Enough where we had to move into the chapel. woah. We prayed, we sang, Emily talked and then it was time. 
Elder Moore walked in on the left and I walked in on the right. The water was warm, good job Elder Watkins! We stood in the water waiting for people to come back in the room. I was shaking, smiling, tears were forming, and then it was time! I was dunked and almost forgetting to bend my knees, I came up with no fear, just love and joy and MASSIVE EXCITEMENT! I was so excited, I gave Elder Moore a high five...IN THE FONT! Is that even legal?!?? Hahaha I got out and looking at Elder Moore and his thumbs up and everyone in the audience with endless smiles. Emily and I jumped and cried and jumped some more in the bathroom, it was AMAZING! Then we came out and I could NOT stop smiling, I was rejoicing so much! 

Through the missionaries, one amazing church, my Heavenly Father, the Proudfoot family, and my awesome best friends, Aleigh and Emily, I would not be able to say this: 
I know that this church is true, I know that Joseph Smith restored the gospel through God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, I know there is a living prophet today to specifically tell us what our Heavenly Father wants of us, and I know that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for both the silly mistakes I make and the big ones I've made in the past.

My name is Morgan, I am 18, I love photography, I battle Satan toe-to-toe daily, and I'm a Mormon! :)