So what's the big deal anyway?




The shoot was... Easy & Fun

Emily-Jane did our wedding & bridals and she was so great! She was good at positioning us and making us look good, but also open to the random things we wanted to try. I told her my style and what things I like in pictures, and she was able to do that perfectly! I got more amazing edited pictures than I had thought I would and they are seriously so good. She is nice and easy to work with so it was a comfortable experience. It was definitely worth every cost! Thanks, Emily-Jane for the best wedding pics ever!


The shoot was... Comfortable, Fun

Our family session with Emily-Jane was, in a word, amazing. I have two boys who hate the camera and getting their photo taken, but she made them feel relaxed and comfortable almost instantly. She was generous with our one-hour time slot, and it was the perfect mix between letting us choose our own style and giving us a few posing tips so the shots turned out beautifully. Many pictures she took are hanging in my home now and I get lots of compliments on them. I can't recommend Emily-Jane enough!


The shoot was... Candid, Beautiful

Emily-Jane was fantastic. She was easy going and took pictures of my husband and I in a way that was very comfortable and natural for us. There were very few forced poses, and the shots that were posed, came out very well. We loved it! Emily- Jane was willing to travel up to Columbus, Ohio (where we were married), take pictures of us getting ready for the wedding, during the wedding and after the wedding. The next day, she took pictures of us before and during our reception in Cincinnati. She was very professional and paid special attention to our requests by taking pictures of our guests and our decorations. It was a very fun, and the least stressful photo shoot I've ever been apart of. The pictures came out great, which is a miracle considering that I'm not a photogenic person. It's been a year since we've been married and I still look at our pictures often. Thank you so much Emily-Jane!

- Erika Koth

The shoot was... Perfect

My daughter was away at college when she got her mission call. Emily-Jane happened to be at the same school and was able to capture the things I, as an avid memory-keeping mom, needed to have in print. I taken photos of Annie her entire life, until this. Skyping with her was wonderful, but I needed more than that. Since I couldn't be there in person, I contacted Emily-Jane and she worked out a schedule with my daughter. I now have precious images of the moments my daughter learned where she'd be serving a mission. I have her expression forever in print and I'm so grateful for this. She is a very talented photographer, she split up the session so she could get some photos of my daughter alone, then with us on the computer, then with her friends. Emily-Jane's got a great eye for composition and knows how to make a dorm room look amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect, it was well worth the money we spent on this photo shoot! I recommend her to everyone

-Emily Pitts

The shoot was... Fun, Easy Going, Natural

Shooting with Emily-Jane is a blast. She's so sweet and genuinely loves photography and her clients. She is easy to talk to which makes the shoots a lot more natural and easy going. She does an amazing job positioning and editing. She is amazing!

-Megan Horn

The Shoot was... Fun, Comfortable, Special

 I have loved my many photo shoots with Emily over the years! She knows how to make you feel like yourself so that she can capture the "real you" on camera. I felt very comfortable asking questions or suggesting poses that I wanted. She is also very experienced and knowledgeable about photography; when I ran out of ideas, she had many to suggest. I can count on her for any type of photography. She isn't afraid to try new things and she is so outgoing! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for professional photos! Her pictures are edited so naturally, but so beautifully.

-Annie Radford

The shoot was... Unique, Fun, Personal

We had a lot of fun with Emily-Jane. Her shoots are very flexible and she is up for anything. I was excited that we were able to include our puppy in some of the photos since he is so much a part of our family. When we were too late to get sunset pictures at our planned location, Emily-Jane racked her brain for ideas of where we could go and we spent the last 15 minutes taking beautiful sunset pictures that ended up being some of my favorites! The pricing is reasonable, there aren't any weird restraints, and every image she takes is amazing! We are a little awkward in front of the camera, but she got great shots anyway!

-Amberly Lambertsen

The shoot was... Relaxing, Refreshing, Fun

I absolutely loved my senior photo shoot with Emily! Initially, I was a little nervous and slightly awkward being at the center of attention, but it's clear by looking at my pictures, Emily allowed me to become more and more comfortable as the shoot progressed. I was also very pleased with the location of my shoot, Ault Park, because there were so many different beautiful settings in one location. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my pictures and the entire experience of the photo shoot, and without a doubt, I would recommend Emily to anyone in search of a wonderful photographer.

-Rachel Willis

 The shoot was... Fun, Beautiful Setting

My kids were not cooperating, especially the youngest. Emily was so easy going and patient. I was sure that we didn't get good shots because we were hot and our little monkey kept running away from the camera. I was completely wrong! We were so pleased with all the wonderful options. Emily is so talented and I have had SO many compliments! We were so lucky to have her taking our pictures. She is an amazing photographer!

-Tiffany Gattuso